Pet Connection

Pet Connection

OK Folks…Sometimes I will NEVER get it…
WE had “Dunn” on last month. you may remember him..he spent his entire time on his back asking for belly rubs…
Such a smart and happy boy and NO one really showed any interest.
So here he is again…This time I was able to keep him on his feet so you could see his beautiful face.
Simply a great dog.


Always nice to see an alumni on Pet Connection….but I would rather see them in a home, adopted into a great family

Dunn is a big boy and is about three-five years old. He weighs seventy pounds, has been vetted, is heartworm negative, and healthy overall. Dunn is a sweet, well-behaved big boy with a nice temperament and a gentle disposition. He is fine with other dogs. And he is SMART…can be easily trained and knows some basic commands.

Dunn is an active guy who would do best with a fenced in yard and another active dog to play with. He would be great with an active family who likes to hike and walk.

11th Hour Rescue 518-223-5589