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Steven Tyler Trying Country

May 15, 2015 -- 1:00pm

My first thoughts when I heard that Steven Tyler was going to try his hand at country, ‘why, is he broke and can he not produce rock n roll anymore?’  “Love is Your Name” is a good tune.  It is Steven Tyler all the way!  I am a big Aerosmith fan, grew up listening to them, following them to shows everywhere they played within a 3 hour drive of Albany! I missed going on the bus to hang with the Black Crowes who opened for Aerosmith, so I actually could see them play.  It was already the 4th time that year, but I was that big of a fan!

Steven didn’t write the song, Eric Pasley did! I wonder if it would sound the same, but then again, most likely not!  I believe it would be more of a country song if Eric did sing it, maybe Keith Urban or Tim McGraw.  Steven Tyler, no, not a country song.  I did not see him perform this on American Idol but I have a feeling if I did, I would say the same thing, it’s not a country song, it’s a Steven Tyler Aerosmith song!

I read a review in Rolling Stone Magazine that said it’s a sound that “hasn't been heard on country radio in years”. What years are they talking about? I’m not sure but it isn’t a sound I ever heard. Don’t get me wrong, I really like the song.  I think Steven Tyler does a really good job but it’s not country.  Will country radio open their arms to Steven?  Not sure.  I think if he does a duet with a country artist, then maybe.  Solo, not so sure! 

So Steven Tyler, as much as I would love to embrace you and your long scarf's as country, I can't do it this time around.


Ban or Not to Ban

Mar 26, 2015 -- 12:15pm

That is a question I can’t believe some stations are asking!  Little Big Town’s ‘Girl Crush’ is a beautiful song about the heartache that a lot of women feel after a relationship ends and the ex has moved on.  How someone listening to the song could come up with the idea that the song has a ‘gay’ agenda is beyond me.

Have those people who want to ban this song, really listened to the lyrics? Maybe, once.  "I want to taste her lips/Yeah 'cause they taste like you" and "I want her long blond hair, I want her magic touch/Yeah, 'cause maybe then you'd want me as much/I've got a girl crush". I have a feeling those who want to ban the song, didn’t get past the first line. 

What year are we in? Get off your porch and come out of the woods people.  I get so frustrated by these people who want to ban everything because they don’t like it. Don’t like the song, don’t listen!  Don’t like hamburgers, don’t eat it!  Not happy with service, don’t go to that store any more.   These people who want this song banned are probably the same type of people who feel they will catch a disease if they touch someone who has it.

Many of our listeners called in to say what about Katy Perry’s ‘I kissed a girl’?  That is right, what about that?  Katy kissed a girl and she liked it, but nobody complained about that.  This is where country music and its listeners start to get a bad rap.  Banning ‘Girl Crush’ makes those that like country music look ignorant, one sided and only liking songs that are part of the ‘bro country’ movement.  Believe me, not all of us are into the ‘bro country’ movement!

All you of jumping on the ban wagon, listen to the song again.  Really listen.  Open your mind, don’t close it.  Once you have listened to it, you will see what a beautiful song it really is!

New Music to Add to your IPOD-Part 2

Mar 18, 2015 -- 10:50am

 Now that we have had a couple of days in the 30’s and close to 40’s, it’s time to add more music.  Time to adventure outside of the norm. I have actually 4 new artist to add to your musical device and I really think you will like these.

First up Waterloo Revival! I heard these guys a couple of months ago, got to interview them last week, and it was an instant liking!  Coming out of Austin, Texas, they take their name from their hometown which was called Waterloo, before being renamed to honor the 'Father of Texas' Stephen F. Austin." Two friends since middle school, “Hit the Road” is a very catchy tune but it is not an annoying catchy tune.

Old Dominion is the next band I am digging right now!  Wait, did I just saying ‘digging’? Coming out of Nashville and just pegged as one of Kenny Chesney’s opening bands for The Big Revival Tour, Old Dominion has this Eli Young Band, Darius Rucker feel.  But the “Break Up with Him” is bro country all the way.  Are we over this yet? Apparently not and I’m actually ok with it!  There are several tunes I have added by these guys to my IPOD:  “Break up with Him’ and “Wrong Turns”.  Love these tunes and can’t wait to hear what they sound like live!

Canaan Smith is up next. I have a feeling the ladies are going to love this guy!  Kip Moore without the hat and the truck.  It’s scruff andTrans am!  Ok, focus and get to the point!  Coming out of Virginia, grew up listening to George Strait and Rage Against the Machine, relocated to Nashville during college where he started playing local bars.  He wrote songs for Jason Aldean, Florida Georgia Line and Love and Theft.  He says he writes while on the road and could easily have 100 songs but doesn’t mind handing them over to other artist.  Add ‘Love you like that’, you won’t be disappointed.

Michael Ray, love, love, love this tune! “Kiss you in the morning” just brings warm weather thoughts to my mind and who couldn’t use that right about now!  No bro country, just straight out country music!  He has a 5 song ep out and I like all the songs.  “Living it up” is my next favorite, along with “Runaway with you’.  Ok, I really like all 5! From the sunshine state, he is currently out on tour with Sam Hunt and Dan & Shay.

I keep changing my music with the hopes the change will bring on a change in the weather!  Yeah, I know, that is not going to happen!  Enjoy and here’s to new country music we actually like listening to!

New Music To Add to Your IPOD!

Feb 19, 2015 -- 10:25am

Not sure if you are like me, but I’m over the winter months and can’t wait for warmer weather.  Usually the warmer weather brings new music.  Great, but I can’t wait that long!  So I decided to search for it and I have found plenty of new country music that will satisfy me until the warmer weather comes my way. 

Let’s get started.  If you haven’t heard of A Thousand Horses, head over to YouTube and find “Smoke”.  Love, Love, Love this tune! Rolling Stone magazine said this a band to watch and one of the best coming out of The Austin City Limits Music Festival.   Described as a cross of Allman Brothers, Black Crowes and Lynyrd Skynyrd, this ‘country rock band’ has the making of a hit with their first single.  And it seems others in the industry are liking them also.  They will be on tour with Darius Rucker this summer.

Logan Mize is another one with his catching tune “Can’t get away from a good time”.  Now this screams summer hit and good times.  Coming out of Kansas, Logan has been seen in the "Fabric of Our Life" cotton commercial with Hayden Panettiere of ABC’s Nashville.  Logan and his band are shown performing on stage at Music City’s legendary Station Inn.  And fans of The CW’s hit drama ‘Hart of Dixie’ starring Rachel Bilson, saw him and his band perform.  No stranger to Nashville and the music scene, Logan second release ‘Nobody in Nashville’ is in stores now.

You may have heard of Dylan Scott before.  “Ball Cap”, remember that one.  If not, it was a good one.  His latest is “Lay it on me”.  Now believe me, I am over the ‘bro country’ and its rapping glory. But I like this song.  Maybe because it is coming from someone completely different.  Maybe because he other songs do not have it in there.  Maybe he doesn’t fit the “bro country” dude. But I think you should add it to your list!

Dallas Smith is another one of my Love, love, love tunes!!  “Wastin Gas”!  It’s a catchy tune but not annoying catchy which seems to be what is out there now.   Coming out of Canada, British Columbia, he really is not a new artist, well at least not in Canada! His debut album in 2012 “Jumped Right In” had 5 singles in the Canadian Hot 100, five CCMA Award nominations and was nominated for Country Album of the Year at the 2013 JUNO Awards.  Dallas reminds me of David Nail and I am a big fan of David Nail.  So add him to your list.

A small list to get you started to what hopefully will be add to your favorites on your IPOD!

Country Stars and Clothing Lines

Dec 04, 2014 -- 12:25pm

by Dana Race

The newest artist to add their name to a clothing line:  Carrie Underwood!  Yesterday Carrie introduced CALIA by Carrie Underwood, a new line of fitness gear to keep women looking chic while working out! I don’t know about you, but I am not worried about how I look while sweating on the treadmill, I am more worried about not falling off or if 30 minutes can go any quicker.   If wearing her workout clothes will give me her insanely toned legs and also her gorgeous voice, then maybe I will buy them!  But I am not counting on it!

This is nothing new for country artist to add to just selling of their music!  Brad Paisley has partnered with Nashville's Boot Barn for his line called Moonshine Spirit. The clothing and accessories are exclusive to the downtown Nashville store, which is America's largest western and work-wear retail outlet. If I buy it, will I be able to play guitar?

Eric Church has teamed up with designers at the Lucchese factory in El Paso to create an exclusive line of boots called These Boots by Lucchese.  If you are interested in buying a pair, you have to go see Eric yourself.  They’re only available for purchase on The Outsiders World Tour. The boots will feature three women’s styles: The Carolina, The Hell on the Heart and The Wrecking Ball and three men’s styles: The Sinner, The Talladega and The Outsider.  Eric described his new fashion by saying:  “Lucchese approaches boot making the same way we approach our music. Handcrafted, from the heart, built with passion, one soul at a time. I’ve waited a long time for a boot that was worthy of the stories our fan’s lives have to tell. “These Boots” are those boots!”  Well, hot damn, might have to get me a pair!!

Does it surprise you that Florida Georgia Line is working on a clothing line?  It’s fitting but it’s really only one half of the duo and his wife.  Brian Kelly and his wife, Brittney Marie Cole Kelly, will be creating ‘Tribe Kelley’, a clothing line that will launch this winter.  They had hopes for it to be ready for the holiday season but maybe at the beginning of the year.  They already have a huge following on Twitter and they are currently working on a website for a purchase of the clothes.  If you interested and no it’s not just tank tops, will feature ‘crystals and leathers according to the couple. Maybe the crystals and leather will make me cool like FGL!

Can’t forget Craig Morgan.  He has teamed up with the brand FARM BOY to sell t-shirts for men and women and beer cozies.  Wait, doesn’t he sell t-shirts with his name on it at all his shows?  Yes he does but these are FARM BOY t-shirts with ‘Redneck Yacht Club’ and ‘Wake up Lovin You’.  Farm Boy says “He is a great reflection of the Farm Boy Brand with his farming background, outdoor enthusiasm, humor, and pride for all that is country. Craig and Farm Boy Brand are a perfect match."  I’m going to have to agree with that!

Let’s not forget: Luke Bryan!  Luke has partnered up with Cabela’s for a new clothing line called 32 Bridge.  Cabela is known for its hunting and fishing and outdoor gear.  Luke’s clothing line is Route 32 Bridge happens to be a place from Luke’s childhood.  Route 32 Bridge is in Georgia that crosses over the Flint River and marks the line between Worth and Lee Counties where Luke grew up. The Route 32 line features men and women short-sleeve T-shirts, long-sleeve T-shirts and caps.   No word if jeans will ever be a part of Luke’s clothing but not really sure anyone would be able to get them on!!!

I know there are others and I am sure there will be plenty more who will come out with their own clothing line! If buying these clothes with change me into a country music star, then get out the credit card, because I’m buying!!!


Doobie Brothers Gone Country

Nov 04, 2014 -- 12:45pm

The Doobie Brothers Gone Country

Grew up listening to the Doobie Brothers.  Had older brothers who were a big influence on what I listened to.  Oldest brother, big fan of The Beatles.  Next brother, Joe Jackson, The Police, Steely Dan and The Doobie Brothers.  Do I know all their hits, yes, every one of them, word for word!!  To me, The Dobbie Brothers were good old rock and roll.  Country, no way, ever!  That was my thinking back then.  Pair them with country artists today, wow, you get the best of both worlds.

The Doobie Brothers Southbound is out and features today’s hottest country artist and it is good.  I am trying to separate my love of country music, my love of the Doobie Brothers and try to hear these two genres coming together.  It is hard.  I know all the songs, can sing along and I can hear the country artist singing these songs.

Zac Brown Band, Blake Shelton, Toby Keith, Chris Young and Brad Paisley all have taken over on songs like ‘Black Water’, ‘Listen To The Music’, ‘Long Train Runnin’, ‘China Groove’ and “Rockin’ Down the Highway”.  Each still sound like the Doobie Brothers but when a country artist adds their voice, you can hear it.  Favorites on the cd is Chris Young ‘China Grove’ and Brad Paisley ‘Rockin Down The Highway”. 

Love and Theft, Casey James, Charlie Worsham and Tyler Farr are also adding their voice to this tribute album.  All sound really good.  I’m not a fan of tribute albums because it always makes me want just the band that the album is featuring.  Maybe I am liking this one because it is a mix of The Dobbie Brothers and a country artist, best of both worlds.  Classic Rock and Country.  If you talk to some of these country artist, they will tell you they grew up listening to these guys and they were an influence.  Some say classic rock has that southern feel. 

Classic Rock and Country, best of both worlds?  I would have to say on this tribute album, that is a yes!

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