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Singer/Band: Trisha Yearwood, Jason Aldean, Big and Rich, Garth Brooks

Movie:  Major League with Charlie Sheen, seen it probably 100 times

Actor/Actress: Arnold Schwarzenegger/Reese Witherspoon

Book: Have a Nice Day: A Tale Of Blood And Sweatsocks By Mick Foley

Sport: Football

TV Show:  WWE Raw, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Duck Dynasty

Holiday:  Christmas

Restaurant(s):  Delmonico’s, Cheesecake Factory

Food:  Steak, Lobster and Pizza

Place to Shop:  Not ashamed to admit , Wal-Mart!

What's on your iPod? Don’t have an iPod, I’m old fashioned and still buy CD’s

What CD is on your CD player right now?  Jason Aldean—Night Train

Pets?  None

What is your favorite cereal?  Raisin Bran Crunch

Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?  Nope

What is your favorite ice cream?  Any from Ben and Jerry’s

Favorite smells: Coffee brewing, fresh cut grass and cookies baking

What is your favorite lunch meat?  Roast Beef

Do you still have your tonsils? Unless someone removed them in my sleep, yes I do

Would you bungee jump?  I have jumped out of an airplane, so YES!!

Pet Peeves:  Negative people



I am a lifelong Capital District resident! Born and raised in Burnt Hills, NY! A proud graduate of Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake High School and the New School of Radio and Television.  I have been in the radio biz since 1999 working in Vermont and here in the Albany area. I am glad to be a part of the 104.9 The Cat team.   I am a die hard Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Yankees fan. I love me some NASCAR too. So basically don’t bother me on Sundays!  Some of my favorite things to do are go to concerts and sing karaoke. I am a lover of life and feed off of positivity



Singer/Band: Blake Shelton

Movie: Anchorman 

Actor/Actress: Jason Segel & Jennifer Lawrence

Book: The Hunger Games

Sport: Formula 1 (Racing) & Football

TV Show:  How I Met Your Mother & Arrested Development

Holiday: Thanksgiving! #nomnomnom

Restaurant(s): Nonna Fina in Saranac Lake or Delmonicos 

Food: Chicken Parm

Place to Shop: H&M 

What's on your iPod? Pretty much a little of everything! Country, pop, rap -- If you've heard it, it's on there

What CD is on your CD player right now? Probably LMFAO's Sorry For Party Rocking -- Needless to say I haven't used a CD in years!

Pets? A year and a half old black lab (love of my life) Nala!

What is your favorite cereal? Frosted Flakes, but I'm on a health craze right now so I haven't had it in months...

Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? Nope! Only re-tie the shoes if the laces become loose. I'm too lazy to mess with those things in life! #aintnobodygottimeforthat

What is your favorite ice cream? Technically I'm lactose intolerant, but when I do indulge -- Rocky Road for sure!

Favorite smells: Rain, and pretty much any food except for hard-boiled eggs. Those are the worst.

What is your favorite lunch meat? Turkey!

Do you still have your tonsils? Yep, and they're amazing. 

Would you bungee jump? I'd need a drink or twelve before I ever tried that.

Pet Peeves: When people don't use their blinkers, cut you off or don't look before they turn -- I guess I just have bad road rage!





 I was born and raised in a small country town of 1,100 people in Central New York. Everyone back home listens to country music, and it was the only thing that ever played on the half-hour bus rides every morning and afternoon. I always thought "how cool would it be to actually be on the radio one day," and someone was crazy enough to actually make that dream come true! I love country music and hearing anything country gives me that warm feeling inside and brings back so many memories of my childhood, and all the new memories being made here on The Cat! 



Singer/Band: Chris Young


Movie: The princess Bride


Actor/Actress: Kristen Wiig


Book: Dreamcatcher By Stephen King


Sport: Soccer (to watch the hotties run around)


TV Show: Any of the Housewives on Bravo


Holiday: My birthday. . . .


Restaurant(s): Cracker Barrel


Food: Fish Fry


Place to Shop: Marshalls or The Gap


What's on your iPod? Chris Young is playing right now


What CD is on your CD player right now? Nothing. . . .


Pets? 2 very fat cats and 1 3lb Teacup Chihuahua and a German Shepard


What is your favorite cereal? Cinnamon Toast Crunch


Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? Ain't nobody got time for that!


What is your favorite ice cream? French vanilla


Favorite smells: Gasoline or a match. . . I know weird


What is your favorite lunch meat? Buffalo Chicken


Do you still have your tonsils? yup


Would you bungee jump? ABSOLUTELY


Pet Peeves: Bad drivers


QUICK BIO: I was raised in Clifton Park and went to Plattsburgh state where I majored in Communications and minored in Drama.  I recently moved back to the state from Seattle where I lived for 5 years.  I've never been to a country concert I didn't love, or have a good time at!  If you ever wonder if you have seen me before, I am that chick that rides around in the jeep wrangler with the top down and country music blasting!



Singer/Band: Brad Paisley/The Rolling Stones        

Movie: Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Actor/Actress: Adam Sandler/Sandra Bullock

Book: Great Expectations

Sport: Football/Baseball/NASCAR

TV Show: The Voice/That 70’s Show  

Holiday: Thanksgiving

Restaurant(s): Any good BBQ pit!

Food: Anything Italian!

Place to Shop: Any sports store or electronics store.

What's on your iPod? Don’t own one, but my Android has a mix of just about everything on it.

What CD is on your CD player right now? Most of my music I play is now converted to digital. 

Pets? Jeter and Bella (Cats)

What is your favorite cereal? Shredded Wheat

Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? No, I would never get them tied again.

What is your favorite ice cream? Maple Walnut

Favorite smells: Just before it rains

What is your favorite lunch meat? Buffalo Chicken Breast 

Do you still have your tonsils? No

Would you bungee jump? Hell No!

Pet Peeves: When someone tries to be something they are not or when someone judges their friends behind their back.



Born and raised just west of Albany in a city called Amsterdam.  I have listened to radio in the capital region all of my life.  I have heard many worthy talents entertain the ears of this great part of NY and have been inspired by them all.  I try my best to bring you an entertaining show with a sprinkle of humor and a wealth of facts.  I am lucky enough to share my life with my wife (She’s everything to me).  I am also fortunate to have my beautiful daughters in my life.  Family is everything.  Thanks for taking time out of your day to read a little about me.  Tune in Saturday morning’s at 6 and Crank it up!!!



Singer/Band: Rascal Flatts

Movie: Comedies All Day

Actor/Actress: Jennifer Anitston

Book: SKIP

Sport: Hockey

TV Show: The League

Holiday: The one where I get off from work...

Restaurant(s): The Black Bear Inn

Food: Mac & Cheese

Place to Shop: Amazon

What's on your iPod? Everything...

What CD is on your CD player right now? Nothing...

Pets? Jake… (Not the Morning Show Host)

What is your favorite cereal? Apple Jacks

Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? Velcro is a thing… right?

What is your favorite ice cream? Fireworks from Stewarts

Favorite smells: Ocean Spray, not the Juice, but the smell you get at the beach!

What is your favorite lunch meat? Olive Loaf!

Do you still have your tonsils? Yes?

Would you bungee jump? I would bungee jump AGAIN!

Pet Peeves: When a waiter or waitress asks you if you are done with your plate, when there is nothing left!



Three things I can't live with out are Music and Dancing. I also took entry level math three times and failed it all four times. So since math obviously wasn't working out I found my calling working with music. But since my singing sounds about the equivalent of nails on a chalkboard I took the next best option and decided to work with people who can sing and dance!




Singer/Band: Keith Urban

Movie: A Few Good Men

Actor/Actress: Sean Connery/Meryl Streep

Book: Dr Suess

Sport:  Baseball

TV Show: Judge Judy

Holiday: Easter

Restaurant(s): The Olde Pink House- Savannah GA

Food: Chinese

Place to Shop: Crossgates

What's on your iPod? I dont have one- I listen to the CAT

What CD is on your CD player right now?- See above  

Pets? Not responsible enough

What is your favorite cereal? Cocoa Pebbles

Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? NO Way

What is your favorite ice cream? Butter Pecan

Favorite smells: Gasoline

What is your favorite lunch meat? Pepperoni

Do you still have your tonsils? Yes, wanna play hockey?

Would you bungee jump? I'm good

Pet Peeves: Online surveys


QUICK BIO: Skywalker grew up on Long Island where it is law that you attend SUNY Albany. While Sky did not abide by this law all his friends did so he has a reputation in the "Indian Quad". He loves radio, Yankees and Kelly Ripa. The Kelly Ripa restraining order expires in 2016.



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