Pet Connection

Pet Connection

These two dogs are amazing…..Hard to believe they were stray….still can’t believe it. They are awesome and need to be together. To help, Pet connection will sponsor the adoption fees for Tessa and Munch if they are adopted together. Double the love !

Pet Connection 8-4-22 2 dogs means double the fun, right? Meet Munch and Tessa! PET CONNECTION will sponsor the adoption fees and we can get them a hold together. They both arrived to the shelter on 5-23-22. They were picked up as strays together. They are both 6 years old, and truly love being together! Tessa is a beautiful white Terrier Mix, and Munch is a Brindle and White Terrier Mix. You may notice Munch’s face is a little different, it’s seems that he had an injury to his face at some point in his life, he is missing the top portion of his jaw.

But it truly doesn’t slow him down any bit! He eats and plays just like a normal dog. They both get along with dogs and cats, and would probably do well in any home. It is not a requirement for them to go home together, but wouldn’t that be such an awesome way to end their shelter journey?

We have our paws crossed that some wonderful family out there has 2 empty spots on their couch!!

Montgomery County SPCA 518 842 8050