iPhone X Worth It?

iPhone X Worth It?

Today Apple announced the iPhone X (pronounced “ten”) with some pretty incredible features. According to Apple’s website, the new iPhone X features:

  • A 5.8″ OLED display that covers the entire screen
  • Glass front and back
  • A face scanner that unlocks your phone
  • Wireless charging
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Home button replaced with gestures on-screen and a new button on the side
  • Animoji – Emojis that are created based on expressions on your face
  • Augmented reality

The major downsides: It’ll cost $999 for the 64GB base model with more storage costing extra, and watching videos will get cut off on the top and curved edges.

Are you willing to pay $999 for the new iPhone X? Or has Apple gone too far?