$1.25 Million In Stolen Fajitas

$1.25 Million In Stolen Fajitas

This whole story raises so many questions. How is it even be possible to steal $1.25 million in fajitas over just 9 years?!



Apparently this guy had been intercepting deliveries and was only caught after he called in sick. The place that was supposed to receive them was wondering why they were being dropped off!

Apparently there were 800 pounds of fajitas dropped off every time!

How much does $1.2 million dollars in fajitas equal over 9 years?

$133,000 fajitas/month

$2560 fajitas/week

$512 fajitas/weekday

$370 fajitas/day

What could you do with $370 in fajitas every day for 9 years?! How do you not get sick of them?!