Amazon Key — What Could Go Wrong??

Amazon Key — What Could Go Wrong??

Have you heard about the new Amazon Key? It’ll allow people to enter your home for up to five minutes by unlocking your door for delivery personnel. You’ll then receive a recording from a webcam that’s been set up to show you the delivery.
I have a lot of thoughts on this:


  • You don’t have to worry about having your packages stolen off your porch or out of your mailbox.


  • Strangers can enter your home and steal whatever they want. Even though you’ll be sent a recording, they can still wear a mask so you can’t tell who they are.
  • Hackers could infiltrate the system to allow anyone to unlock your door at any time of the day.

Would you feel comfortable allowing strangers in your home to deliver packages? Or does this make you feel a little too uncomfortable? Let me know!

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~ Pete Kelly