Scott Southworth – Country No Matter What Country

Scott Southworth has brought together artists from 7 different countries for his latest single, “Country No Matter What Country”!

From Press Release Point: “Country No Matter What Country” features Glen Mitchell (U.K.), Sivert Bjordal (Norway), Johnny Brady (Ireland), Andrea Benz (Switzerland), Kevin Greaves (New Zealand), Jerome “Mr. Jay” Desoteux (France) and Scott Southworth from the USA.

“These are all accomplished writers and artists that had had varying degrees of success in their countries and even here in Nashville.” Southworth says, “Glen Mitchell is not only a hit songwriter, but he toured with several artists (Darius Rucker, Billy Currington, Jamie O’Neal, etc.) as guitarist/band leader, Johnny Brady is a multi award winning artist that plays to packed houses in Ireland, Kevin Greaves was just inducted into the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame, Mr Jay not only performs across Europe with his “EU Band” but he is also a rodeo cowboy, Sivert is a well-known Norwegian artist that has an annual Country Festival, Andrea is a triple threat – Songwriter/Singer/Guitarist…I could go on for hours about each of them!”

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