A dog ‘baby shower’?

A dog ‘baby shower’?

Pete Kelly

“My best friend has wanted to adopt a pet for almost a year and she finally got approved. She picks her up in a couple of weeks and she sent out an invite for a dog baby shower. A couple of friends messaged me asking if she was serious. I’m not sure if I should go along with it and bring a gift, or tell her it’s an odd idea.”

Some of your thoughts:

Crystal –
I think this is an awesome idea since I don’t have any kids and my 3 cats are my babies. I totally get where she’s coming from! I do gifts for my girls for bdays, holidays… they’re basically your kids. maybe not to everyone, but to someone who doesnt have kids ❤

Angie –
A friend of mine had a puppy shower. We knew her and her husband were not having kids. It was much more fun than a baby shower and it made her happy.

Devon –
There will probably be snacks, drinks, and possibly a puppy??? Count me in. I love buying pet supplies, toys, and treats. Plus a dog baby shower sounds a lot cheaper than a baby shower 🤣

Allison –
No. That’s really pathetic

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