Is it tacky to use a coupon on a date?

Is it tacky to use a coupon on a date?

Pete Kelly

“My boyfriend is obsessed with coupons. We’ve been together for 3 months and he uses coupons on almost every date. He says businesses want them to be used, but I think it’s tacky and embarrassing. If you take someone on a date, you should pay full price. Am I wrong?”

Some of your comments & messages:

Using coupons is fine and she is a petty snob who needs to get of her high horse. He needs to drop her!!!

Maybe on a 1st date. But I love a good deal. Wouldn’t bother me

Audrey –
Tricky one – if he is on a budget then of course it makes sense to save money but if he is ONLY taking you to places that accept coupons and you know he can afford elsewhere, then he is being a cheapskate. Depends which you value more, him or the dates?

Myles –
Does he pay for every date? That’s tacky. Do you go shopping on Black Friday? Being a hypocrite is tacky. Does it matter what anyone says here or are you just searching for validation in the form of some people that agree with you? That’s tacky too.

Elizabeth –
Nothing wrong with being frugal. You are getting the same dining experience coupon or not. I don’t see a problem. I dated a guy who took me to a nice restaurant on our first date and used a coupon from the entertainment book. My coupon clipping Grandma loved that guy! Lol

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