Was he wrong to not mention her photos sooner?

Was he wrong to not mention her photos sooner?

Pete Kelly

“I’m furious at my boyfriend for not telling me that a woman DM’ed him nudes 4 times in the last month. He told me about it after a few drinks because he thought it was funny, and he showed me all the messages and photos. I don’t know what to think. He never encouraged her or responded to the photos, but he could have told me the first time he got one.”

Some of your comments & messages:

“Depends on whether he knows the woman. If he does, then he should have said something. If a stranger then it’s nbd unless he messaged her back and continued the conversation.”

“if you’re in a faithful relationship why worry. he didn’t respond be glad for that. he probably laughed at it and didn’t say anything because he didn’t want to argue and get you worried or worked up.
i wouldn’t let it bother you he probably forgot.”

“He should have told you, and also blocked her. He obviously didn’t mind getting them, to allow her to keep on sending. That’s disrespectful. Now a days though, it’s nice he did tell you. Definitely would have been respectful to tell you the first time though.”

“no but I definitely be sending a message to the person who sent the pictures”

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