Do they need to sign the non-compete?

Do they need to sign the non-compete?

Pete Kelly

“I’ve decided to leave my job for a competitor that will pay me more. I gave my boss my two weeks, and now they suddenly want me to sign a non-compete that would prevent me from working elsewhere for three months! I never signed one when I started and it’s not part of my contract. The new company wants me to start ASAP. Can they do that?”

Some of your texts & messages:

A lot of companies now do that.

If it’s not part of your original contract then no. Never heard of anything do absurd. And how do they expect your expenses to be paid for those 3 months??

“It wouldn’t hurt to talk to a lawyer to protect yourself, just in case and keep your own council.”

“There is a new law that addresses this. An employer cannot make you sign it. They are against the law now.”

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