Youth Rejecting Social Media, ‘Bad Fat’ Into ‘Good Fat’ & More!

Youth Rejecting Social Media, ‘Bad Fat’ Into ‘Good Fat’ & More!

Pete Kelly

From a great story of karma to designer handbags from old couches, here are some good news stories for you!

Senior finds $15,000, returns it, and no longer needs to walk to work

A Michigan woman Dianne Gordon found almost $15,000 cash at a gas station, which belonged to a couple’s wedding gifts. Despite needing the money to fix her broken car, she turned it in to the police. The couple was overwhelmed by her honesty, and a fundraiser was set up that raised over $82,000 for her. She was overwhelmed by the support and was able to buy a new car.

This story is not just a great example of karma and that most people are good, but if you’re going through a difficult patch in your life, things can all change for you in an instant!

People under 35 are rejecting traditional social media

BeReal is a social media app that has exploded in popularity due to its basic features. Users can only post once a day and there are no filters, businesses to follow, ads, or DMs. Users connect with their friends and only see their daily BeReals in their feed. Each BeReal consists of a two-way photo with a selfie, with the option to add a short caption and for friends to react with a “RealMoji” (a photo of themselves) or comment.

The app had 920,000 monthly active users in early 2022, which grew to 73.5 million by August, with 90% of users being under 35. BeReal is not addictive and has no algorithm to keep users scrolling, making it a safe and limited way for people to stay connected online.

Woman Turns Old Couches Into Handbags

A woman in England has been taking old, worn out leather couches that usually end up in a landfill and sewing them into designer handbags! She sews 6-10 leather bags each week and she estimates she’s saved about 20 sofas from ending up in a landfill in the last year and a half! While she earns between $30 to $240 for each bag she sells, she says she does it to save these couches from the landfill.

Discovery Could Turn ‘Bad Fat’ Into ‘Good Fat’

Humans have three types of fat: brown, beige, and white. Brown fat burns calories to create heat, while white fat stores excess sugar and carbs, leading to health issues.

Researchers have found a way to turn white fat cells into brown fat cells, and injecting these cells cured diabetes and metabolic disorders in overweight sheep. Researchers also discovered a cell surface receptor called GPR3 that increases the calorie-burning activity of brown fat cells.

Cold exposure increases brown fat tissue and finding ways to increase brown fat could help combat obesity.

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