3D Printed Batteries, Cheaper Insulin, Airbag Jeans & More!

3D Printed Batteries, Cheaper Insulin, Airbag Jeans & More!

Pete Kelly

From a revolutionary new style of battery production to an invention that could help protect motorcyclists, here are some great news stories from this week!

Insulin Prices Seeing Major Reduction

From Eli Lily and Co Press Release

Starting in the fourth quarter, Eli Lilly and Co will reduce the prices of its insulin by 70%. This is huge as more than 30 million Americans have diabetes and over 25% depend on insulin.

Last year, Yale researchers found that 14% of insulin users in the US face “catastrophic” costs for treatment, and at least 40% of their remaining money after housing and food expenses goes towards insulin payments. This announcement is huge for all those affected.

3D Printed Batteries?

From Good News Network

A new Silicon Valley startup is using 3D printers to print solid-state batteries that could revolutionize the battery industry. Solid-state batteries are non-flammable, easily recyclable, workable in extreme cold, and having greater energy density.

This method uses 40% less material than traditional methods, can charge batteries to 80% in just 15 minutes, and manufacture 100 megawatt hours of batteries in a year, a significant increase compared to older equipment that produces 2.5 megawatt hours per year.

This could change the battery industry and energy usage.

TikTok Limiting Screen Time For Teens

From Upworthy

TikTok announced this week that they’ll be putting a limit on screen time for those under 18! If teens want to keep using the app, they’ll need to enter a passcode to continue. As long as parents make sure they set up a passcode in the app, this could help alleviate some of the mental health issues caused by constant social media usage.

New ‘Airbag Jeans’ Could Reduce Motorcyclist Injuries

From Good News Network

New ‘airbag jeans’ have been developed that would inflate in the case of an accident. Once the rider gets thrown from their bike, a protective air cushion is deployed! These jeans can be reusable and the cushion cartridges are replaceable. The company plans to release these jeans starting this Summer.

According to their crowdfunding, “the airbag covers new areas on the lower body—areas previously unprotected from impact hits, such as the thighs, the rear part of the body, and especially the tailbone.”

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