Natural Meat Alternatives, Fighting Dementia with D & More!

Natural Meat Alternatives, Fighting Dementia with D & More!

Pete Kelly

From a new hydroponic growing concept to lower gas and rent prices, here are some good news stories from this past week!

A man in India Growing Saffron in Shipping Container

From Good News Network

A man in India has started using hydroponics in a shipping container to grow saffron, which is one of the world’s most expensive spices, coming in at over $10,000 per kilogram. He used shipping containers because you can control the environment inside of it. This method could help grow other, difficult to obtain crops and could be used anywhere in the world!

New, healthy alternative to plant based meats

From Good News Network

Meati, a Montana-based company, is using mycelium, the root structure of mushrooms, to create sustainable and environmentally-friendly alternatives to meat. Beyond Meat and Impossible Burger are both highly processed and not considered very healthy. These new burgers taste very similar to meat, and Sprouts grocery store will sell mycelium steaks, burgers, and more. The CEO isn’t even vegan, or a vegetarian; he eats meat and enjoys bow hunting. His goal is to introduce this new alternative to help reduce emissions from the food system.

Vitamin D supplements may fend off Dementia

From Good News Network

A study with 12,000 participants found that taking vitamin D supplements may lower the risk of dementia by 40%, and those who took supplements lived dementia-free for longer. Previous research suggests that low vitamin D levels are linked to higher dementia risk.

Gas & rent prices continue to drop

From GasBuddy & Dwellsy

Once again, rent prices and gas prices continue to fall! According to GasBuddy, gas prices have fallen two cents a gallon over this past week, 11.5 cents lower over the past month, and 77.1 cents lower than this time last year!

According to Dwellsy, one bedroom apartment rents continue to fall another 1% from last month, and prices have continued to fall since November of last year after peaking in July 2022.

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