Converting Air Into Electricity, Solar Panels on Rail Tracks & More

Converting Air Into Electricity, Solar Panels on Rail Tracks & More

Pete Kelly

From an effective way of removing “forever chemicals” from water to magnet fishing leading to an internship for a teen, here are some feel-good news stories from this week!

Researchers Develop Treatment that Removes ‘Forever Chemicals’ from Water

The University of British Columbia has developed a new technology to filter out and destroy “forever chemicals” from water! PFAS are present in thousands of everyday products and can lead to serious health issues. The technology captures up to 99% of particles and is being tested in real-world locations in British Columbia.

Newly Discovered Enzyme Turns Air Into Electricity

Researchers have discovered an enzyme in bacteria that can generate electricity from the hydrogen in the air, providing a sustainable source of energy. The enzyme was found to be highly efficient and the team believes that scaling up production could lead to a new field of clean energy. The bacteria that produce it are common and can be grown in large quantities, making it accessible for potential use.

Switzerland Set to Roll Out Solar Panels Between Railway Tracks

A Swiss startup plans on installing solar panels between train tracks. With their railway network stretching over 2,000 miles of track, they estimate they could generate 2% of the entire country’s power. Their co-founder of the company believes that 50% of the world’s railways could be equipped with their system, plus the trains could potentially be self powered using the panels.

Magnet Fishing Lands Teenager Internship

Recently magnet fishing has become popular, where people use high-powered magnets attached to ropes to fish for metal objects in the water. A father and son in the UK found a submerged safe containing around $2,500 AUD, expired credit cards and more while magnet fishing. They used the cards to track down the safe’s owner, who had it stolen during an office robbery in 2000. The owner of the safe offered the son an internship due to his impressive math skills. This story highlights the potential rewards of magnet fishing and the importance of honesty and integrity.

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