Tyler Rich – I Know You Do

Tyler Rich – I Know You Do

Pete Kelly

Tyler Rich’s “I Know You Do” is about knowing that you and your partner love each other, even in your toughest moments.

Tyler posted on Facebook: “We’ve all been in a fight with a partner, when they won’t say ‘I love you’ back even though, you know that they do. In this song, Jaron Boyer, Micah Wilshire, and I dive deep into all the things that drive my wife crazy. But, even if I might get on her bad side sometimes, I’m also the only one who truly knows her, what she loves, and how to turn it around. I might squeeze some heavy metal and scary movies into her life sometimes, but I also know which red wine label to bring home to make her smile through the loud distortion. When she’s ‘mad as hell, and can’t even tell me that you love me too, girl I know you do.'”

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