Find A Dog’s Owner With Your Phone, New Shoreline Protection & More

Find A Dog’s Owner With Your Phone, New Shoreline Protection & More

Pete Kelly

From NASA’s new Mars helicopter breaking records to a new home coating that could eliminate the need for air conditioning, here are some good news stories from this week!

NASA’s Mars Helicopter Breaks Two Records In A Single Day

Freethink – NASA’s Mars helicopter Ingenuity just set new speed and altitude records as they find ways to explore Mars! The top speed was 14.5mph and reached an altitude of 52.5ft, which may not sound that impressive, but with the thinness of Mars’ atmosphere, it makes it a challenge to generate the thrust in order to fly.

New Shoreline Protection Helps Cities And Marine Life

Good News Network – A Dutch startup has developed these new ‘Lego-like’ blocks that create an artificial oyster reef in the ocean that not only protect cities from storms, but allow marine life to pass through. The blocks can be interlinked in any shape need.

Dogs Have Unique Nose Prints That Can Now Be Scanned

Freethink – A South Korean startup has developed an dog “nose print” app that’s 99% accurate at ID’ing lost pets! You just need to download the free app, scan your dog’s nose print and add it to their database. If your dog gets lost, anybody with a phone can scan their nose and get your contact information!

Here’s the link if you want to download it and try it yourself!

New Iridescent Coating Could Replace Air-Conditioning

Good News Network – Scientists at the University of Cambridge have created a thin nanostructure film that can cool houses without air conditioning, inspired by the exoskeleton of a beetle. The material is cheap, and when applied to walls or rooftops, can significantly reduce electricity usage by cooling the interior of the house. The cellulose-based material is cheap and can be extracted from wood or cotton, making it an accessible option for homeowners.

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