Houseplants For Your Health, Efficient EV Batteries & More!

Houseplants For Your Health, Efficient EV Batteries & More!

Pete Kelly

From new kids shoes that expand as feet grow to a new massive battery recycling center opening, here are some good news stories from this week!

New Shoes That Expand As Kids Grow

A new type of shoe called Aretto has been created by an Indian entrepreneur that can stretch to fit growing feet, so kids can wear them for longer without needing to buy new shoes. This reduces waste, since kids on average need 15 pairs of shoes as they grow up. Aretto shoes are also durable, flexible, and easy to clean. They cost between $22 and $31.

Houseplants Could Protect From Common Illnesses

Plants may have the ability to remove viruses that cause cold and flu from the air, according to a study from Australia. When plants absorb sunlight, they produce hydrogen peroxide, which was found to be present in microscopic water droplets floating through the air in rooms with house plants, which could potentially sanitize any viruses in the room.

New Material Greatly Improves Electric Batteries

A new material for electric vehicle batteries called Titan Silicon can increase a car’s driving range by 20% and reduce the charging time from 60 minutes to just 20. Mercedes-Benz will be the first car manufacturer to use the tech, incorporating it into the batteries for its EQG G Wagon, due to be launched in late 2024 or early 2025.

Biggest EV Battery Recycling Plant Opens in Georgia

A new Georgia-based battery recycling facility disassembles 70,000 EV batteries and harvests valuable minerals like lithium, cobalt and manganese to sell back to the market. The company generates enough cash flow to pay car manufacturers for old batteries and reduces landfill waste. This also avoids needing to open up new mines.

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