Free Recycling, New Cancer Treatment & More!

Free Recycling, New Cancer Treatment & More!

Pete Kelly

Here are some good news stories that you may have missed this week!

“Rice Sized” Treatment Shrinks Cancerous Tumors

Scientists have developed a new method of delivering cancer medicine directly to pancreatic tumors with a tiny device smaller than a grain of rice, producing same results as systemic administration but with a lower dose and no side effects in mice.

Companies Now Make It Easy To Recycle Devices For Free

Half of Americans want companies to be responsible for their products’ waste, and five major corporations are already doing that. Apple processes all North American e-waste in the US, Google offers free recycling, Staples accepts a wide range of devices, Walmart actually pays for some electronics, and Best Buy has an extensive recycling program.

Your Lifestyle Has More Impact On You Than Your Genes

A study of nearly 5,500 women found that their level of physical activity had a much bigger impact over their health and lifespan than their genes. This is encouraging, because it reminds you that you have more control over your life and your future than you may think.

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