Free Food For Healthcare Workers, New “Anxiety Gene” & More!

Free Food For Healthcare Workers, New “Anxiety Gene” & More!

Pete Kelly

Here are some good news stories that you may have missed this week!

Chipotle Giving Away $1 Million In Lunches To Healthcare Workers

Chipotle is honoring National Nurses Week by giving away more than $1 million in free lunches to healthcare professionals. 2,000 healthcare workers will win ‘Burrito Care Packages’ containing 50 free entrées for their team, feeding a total of 100,000 nurses and colleagues. Sign-ups are open until May 12.

“Anxiety Gene” Discovered In Brain, And Way To Turn It Off

Scientists discovered a gene linked to anxiety disorders in the brain that can cause anxiety-related feelings when overactive. They have found a way to turn it off in mice using a natural substance, which could lead to new treatments for anxiety disorders in humans.

New Road To Charge Vehicles As They Drive

Sweden is set to build its first road that charges heavy freight vehicles as they drive over it, with construction starting in 2025! The 13-mile road’s charging method will likely involve wireless charging down the center of the lanes that send a signal to a coil on the bottom of vehicles.

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