Boosting Brain Growth In Children, Hypersonic Flights & Destroying “Forever Chemicals”

Boosting Brain Growth In Children, Hypersonic Flights & Destroying “Forever Chemicals”

Pete Kelly

Here’s another batch of good stories from this week!

Walnuts Can Help Boost Attention, Brain Growth & ADHD

According to a recent study in Spain, incorporating a small portion of walnuts into your diet three times a week can enhance attention and brain development in children. These nuts have a specific type of omega-3 oil that significantly benefits growing brains.
Students diagnosed with ADHD experienced notable improvements after adding walnuts to their diet, showing better concentration and being less hyperactive.

Hypersonic Hydrogen Flights Are Coming

A swiss company is reviving hypersonic travel, which would cut flight times by 75%, by using lightweight hydrogen fuel. Two successful prototypes have been tested, and the third will focus on fuel systems. Commercial flights with smaller-scale versions are planned for the 2030s, while full-scale versions are expected in the 2040s.

Permanently Destroying “Forever Chemicals”

Researchers at the University of British Columbia (UBC) have created an inexpensive and safe method to eliminate 99% of toxic “forever chemicals” from water. They developed a silica-based material that absorbs these substances. The material can be reused, and the captured chemicals can be safely detoxified using electricity or light.

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