Catie Offerman – I Just Killed A Man

Catie Offerman – I Just Killed A Man

Pete Kelly

Today we hear Catie Offerman’s first song to country radio called “I Just Killed A Man” about crushing someone’s spirit when you break up with them.

She posted on Facebook, “I distinctly remember the day we wrote this song. Ryan Beaver walked into our writing camp nonchalantly and said what if we write a song called “I just killed a man.” Pretty sure all of our jaws dropped. And I know what you’re wondering – no, it ain’t about murder. It’s a good ole heartbreak tune. We’ve all been on both sides of a breakup. Y’all, I love this song. The fact this is my first song to country radio is so special, but what means the most is sharing this moment with my friends who wrote it with me. Hope y’all love it.”

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