Good News Stories!

Good News Stories!

Pete Kelly

Here are some feel-good, positive news stories that you may have missed this week!

Old School Turned Into Year-Round Farm

A Canadian couple turned an old schoolhouse into a year-round garden, growing lettuce, kale, herbs, cucumbers, and more. The community has embraced their drive-through veggie bags, as the region heavily relies on trucked-in produce.

New Plastic Eating Enzymes Found

Plastic-eating microbes that work at low temperatures have been discovered in the Alps. Existing enzymes need high temperatures, making the process costly. Swiss researchers discovered two fungi that work at just 60°F, digesting plastics used in textiles and packaging.

Teacher Honored for ‘One Good Thing’ Ritual

A teacher in Oklahoma was honored for having her students keep a journal of one good thing that happened to them every day. It’s a great way of keeping things in perspective and staying positive about the world!

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