Feel Good Friday Stories

Feel Good Friday Stories

Pete Kelly

Here are some feel-good, positive news stories that you may have missed this week!

Paralyzed Man Walks Again Thanks To Bluetooth

Thanks to Bluetooth, a Swiss man who was paralyzed in a cycling accident can walk again. A team of neuroscientists and surgeons successfully established a Bluetooth connection between his spinal cord and brain, allowing him to once again stand, walk, and even climb stairs.

Another Clean Fuel Powered By Sunshine

Scientists from the University of Cambridge have developed a solar-powered technology that converts carbon dioxide and water into liquid fuels, such as ethanol and propanol, using the power of photosynthesis. The fuels have high energy density, can be easily stored and transported, and produce zero carbon emissions. Although still in the laboratory stage, the technology marks a crucial step toward transitioning to a renewable fuel economy.

Shredded Diapers In Concrete?

Scientists believe that used diapers could be saved from landfills and be shredded up to be used in concrete! If sanitation concerns can be addressed, this would save a lot of diapers from ending up in landfills, as well as greatly reduce the amount of sand needed for concrete.

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