Feel Good Friday Stories

Feel Good Friday Stories

Pete Kelly

Here are some feel-good, positive news stories that you may have missed this week! Just click on the title of the articles to read more about any of the stories below!

New solar cell breaks record for efficiency

A new style of solar cell has broken a record for efficiency. Most solar panels are about 20% efficient, which means only about 20% of the solar energy that hits it gets generated into electricity. These new panels are nearly 34% efficient, which means fewer panels that would be needed in order to generate the same amount of power and can be used in more places, and they’re more durable than current panels.

Experimental myeloma cancer treatment has 90% success rate!

A new experimental treatment of a bone marrow cancer has a 90% success rate with just mild side effects, and the treatment will be available in the United States in just a few months!

AI discovered antibiotic that can destroy one of the world’s deadliest bugs

AI has discovered a new antibiotic that can be used to treat one of the world’s most deadly, drug-resistant superbugs that causes infections in premature babies and people with compromised immune systems. The AI used an algorithm to create a compound that can beat the bug.

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