Feel Good Friday Stories

Feel Good Friday Stories

Pete Kelly

Here are some good news stories from this week! To read more, just click on the red title to take you to the source.

New Patch Helps Kids With Peanut Allergies

A study tested a skin patch to help young kids with peanut allergies. After a year, 67% of patch users had no peanut reactions, compared to 33% with a fake patch. The study found the patch had few side effects and this could be a game changer for kids with peanut allergies.

New App + Cheap Attachment To Monitor Blood Pressure

A new app can monitor your blood pressure by using a 3D printed plastic attachment that connects onto your camera’s flash. The attachment can be printed for as little as 10 cents! Story.

Fungi Has Potential To Absorb World’s Carbon

A study has found fungi hold a third of the world’s carbon that’s emitted, and there’s potential to produce fungi to help absorb carbon in regions that have issues with it.

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