What’s a great way to save money?

What’s a great way to save money?

Pete Kelly

I’ll go first — Changing your cell phone plan!

Note: It doesn’t make sense if you’re constantly upgrading your phone as you have to buy your phone outright. Side note: Why are you constantly upgrading your phone in 2023? New phones aren’t any better than what you have now, so you’re just wasting money!

For just about everyone else, switching to a prepaid plan makes a lot of sense! You buy your phone outright, or in some cases you can keep using the phone you have now, you can find a prepaid company (also called a MVNO) that uses the same network you’re on now, and you can spend as little as $15 a month. That’s what I’m spending with Mint Mobile (not an ad!). If you’re connected to WiFi when you’re at home and at work, you’re probably not using a lot of data anyway… why waste money every month?

Even if you’re only saving $20/month, that’s $240 a year that could be going towards other things!