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  • Shania Twain – Giddy Up!
    NEW: Shania Twain’s new album is out today and we hear the lead single “Giddy Up!”
  • Bryan Martin – We Ride
    NEW: Bryan shares some battles in his personal life and how he’s coping in “We Ride”!
  • Nathan Merovich – Tonight’s On You
    NEW: This Pennsylvania native has a voice compared to Eric Church, and today we hear “Tonight’s On You”!
  • Morgan Wallen – Last Night
    NEW: Morgan tells a story about breaking up with his partner after a few too many drinks, but he feels it’s not their “last night” together.
  • Chris Janson – All I Need Is You
    NEW: “All I Need Is You” describes all the things Chris wants in life, but all he really needs is his partner by his side.
  • Cole Swindell – Drinkaby
    NEW: Cole Swindell’s “Drinkaby” is a play on “Lullaby” and an upbeat song to help you get through a breakup.
  • Teddy Robb – Pretty Things
    NEW: We hear the story of a couple’s love of their small house and the memories they’ve made there.
  • Donice Morace – Goin’ Goin’
    NEW: “Goin’ Goin'” is about a love that’s slipping away, but slow enough where they’re always on your mind.
  • Don Amero – Ain’t Too Late
    NEW: “Ain’t Too Late” is about being with someone special and never wanting the night to end.
  • Jordan Harvey – Along For The Ride
    NEW: Jordan Harvey, formerly of King Calaway, has gone solo and today we hear “Along For The Ride”!
  • Zach Bryan – Heavy Eyes
    NEW: Coming to MVP Arena, Zach’s “Heavy Eyes” looks back at memories and the desire to keep living life to it’s fullest.
  • Easton Corbin – Marry That Girl
    NEW: “Marry That Girl” is about a guy who knew from the moment he met her, despite being told to take it slow, will marry her.
  • Chris Young – Looking For You
    NEW: Listen to Chris Young’s first solo-single in three years, about not knowing what you’re missing until you find “the one”.
  • High Valley & Alison Krauss – Do This Life
    NEW: High Valley (“Make You Mine”, “She’s With Me”) teams up with Alison Krauss for a song about never wanting to “do this life” without their partner.
  • Jelly Roll – Need A Favor
    NEW: His follow-up to “Son Of A Sinner” explores his inconsistent relationship with God and his search for help.
  • Chayce Beckham – 23
    NEW: This American Idol’s latest tells a tale about a guy who’s drinking made him reach a breaking point and learns it’s time to sober up.
  • Thomas Rhett – Angels (Don’t Always Have Wings)
    NEW: Thomas Rhett’s “Angels” is about appreciating that someone special that’s always there for you, even when they shouldn’t be.
  • Ingrid Andress – Feel Like This
    NEW: Ingrid Andress’ “Feel Like This” describes being in a loving relationship after being in a manipulative one.
  • Old Dominion – Memory Lane
    NEW: “Memory Lane” is about wishing you could live forever in the memories of your past.
  • Bailey Zimmerman – Where It Ends
    Another popular song off of Bailey Zimmerman’s latest EP Leave the Light On, today we hear “Where It Ends”! The song is about moving on and finding the strength to let go of a relationship that is not working.

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