100.9 The CAT’s $1,000 CA$H Kitty

100.9 The CAT has your chance to win CASH!
$1,000 during your workday!


Listen 3 times a day for the CAT KEYWORD weekday mornings at 7:10…Sean and Andrea will give you the first crack and the cash, then play again at 11:10 with Kevin Richards and then again at 3:10 with Pete Kelly.
Once you hear the keyword, click the graphic below and enter the keyword…and then, get ready to hear from us telling you that you just won $1,000 dollars.
Grab your lion’s share of the cash!

This is a nationwide contest and brought to you by Coles Collision… getting you quickly back on the road since 2006!


Our General Contest Rules can be found here

100.9 The Cat’s $1,000 Cash Kitty Rules can be found here